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Ustadh: Muhammad Zakariya

" The temptation of Islamic reformers is to reject, in the name of modernity, anything they consider old-fashioned or out-moded. When it comes to classical calligraphic art and its associated disciplines, that argument might have some small merit, but the tendency is to throw the baby out with the bath water. The consequences of this attitude have been catastrophic to the original arts themselves, to the artists, to connoisseurs, and to critics. The reformers' argument seems to be that the classical art is moribund, lacking in originality, and irrelevant. In many cases that is, superficially at least, true. Yet all the great calligraphers were originators and innovators, as are the best of today's masters, such as Hasan Celebi. Indeed, late 20th-century Islamic calligraphy is alive and well -- and, although the developmental and evolutionary chain is still intact, the art today is quite unlike its precursors in all but spirit."

Our own shaykh al-khatt, Muhamad Zakariya, USA, on Islamic Art and his work

Becoming a Calligrapher

"Let us offer you a deal," Ihsanoglu repeated in his impeccable diplomat's English. "In order to make progress in calligraphy, you must give up all you have learned and learn everything again from the beginning, from your hoca, who will be Hasan Celebi. If you accept, we will help you."

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At 4:58 PM, Blogger Gülçin said...
AsSalaamu 3alaykum wR wB Ruh al-Alam & VD team! inshaAllah y'all doing much fine & Ramadan Mubarak too.

first I must say, the very first moment Ive encountered VD designs, is when Im impressed at the utmost level; as they were a new breath in my search of how an art product should be. thats because I also try engage in arts, humbly. and now Im being a bit of into it studywise, at university. anyway, I kinda lost the point.

but why I chose especially this post is 'cause the last quotation drew my attention, as it included Turkish names and the use of "hoca" :) to mention, Im Turkish as well.

& many thanks for the website provided, it has been another remarkable door for me to enter isA.

I finally wanna say: jazakumAllah khayr for polishing our eyes with the noble art produced.

WasSalaamu 3alaykum,

At 5:17 PM, Blogger visualdhikr said...
Wa Salam,

We are one ummah, we read the same art - we love One God. We are one people, together we will succeed, we recognise and love the beauty that Allah has given our talented teachers and brethren. We are simple Muslims trying to do the most basic things and if it helps others, then our work is being accepted by Allah.

Turkish calligraphy is the highest skilled in the world, and secondly in Egypt - where I studied.

Thank you for your dua's,


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